What do we do now?

Many of us who actually accept science as factual and not some fairy tale made up by the Chinese, have been worried about the climate changing and the fact that the United States government, at least, is actually working against improving it. We fear a long, slow death of the planet, leaving nothing for future generations.

Many of us live with the fear of immigrants being deported or of immigrants coming to this country. We fear of increased discrimination against different races, religions, sexual orientations, and gender choices. Or we fear people of those categories.

We fear the world is going to leave the US behind as we pull out of trade deals, climate deals, treaties, and support for our allies. The others of us fear everything that is not us and see danger beyond our borders.

We live with A LOT of fear and anxiety right now, and there seems no end to it. At least not in the near future.

In fact, now we have nuclear war to feel anxious about. Thanks, Mr. President. North Korea makes a hollow threat and our president goes and talks back, making a threat that either he has to back up with military action or not back it up and look weak. He also pushes Kim Jung Un to get his back against a wall of threats that he can either back up with a missile strike or look weak. Neither “man” wants to look weak. So, what’s going to happen? Will Guam be the first attack of a new war in the Pacific? Every day is another day of heightened anxiety and fear.

If we ignore it, it will not go away. If we speak up about it, the White House simply doubles down on its bravado. This has become a “big dick” contest of the worst kind and the world is held hostage in the middle. Perhaps it is time to censor the president?


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