Enough with the hating!

Okay, it has taken me a long time to post something here, but I have been overwhelmed with all the media input and all the nonsense that is going on around public education, at least in New Jersey, that I haven’t had time to sit down and think.

Now, I have been pushed too far.

I am tired of all the hate speech that everyone is posting on the internet, saying in the news, blurting out in conversation. Honestly, people, this ability to just spew your prejudices and hatreds out all over the world, especially anonymously, is what has brought Donald Trump to the forefront of the Republican Party.

Seriously, I don’t care if you hate Black people or are scared of Trans people or can’t stand the sight of women. Just shut the hell up! Don’t get involved with anyone you don’t like, but at least stop for a moment and consider this:

“Do not do unto others as you would not have done unto you.”

This is the original “Golden Rule” as supposedly stated by Hillel, an ancient Israelite. Another famous guy named Jesus switched it to a positive statement of doing to others as you would have done to you, but I would love to have someone give me $1 million, but I’m not going to give that to someone else.

Anyway, as Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird says, “There’s just one kind of folks. Folks.” All people, no matter what gender they identify as, no matter what sex they were born as, no matter what color or texture their skin is, no matter who they are attracted to, are PEOPLE. So they should be treated as such. You identify as male, use the men’s bathroom. Female, use the women’s. People need to shut up and stop being so involved in what individuals do with their bodies.

Don’t like women? Stay away from them, but also leave them alone. There is no need to hurt people. Just leave them alone. No one really gives two shits what you think. We don’t need to legislate bathrooms — trans people have been using them for many years. We don’t need to legislate what a woman does with her body. It’s HER body. We don’t need to legislate who gets to marry and who doesn’t. Anyone can marry anyone else LEGALLY, but your religious community can refuse to allow a particular type of marriage. Don’t put your religious beliefs on me or my friends and family. The First Amendment protects us from that.

This is why I don’t understand these debates about gender, sex, abortion, or religious affiliation in the courts. All the arguments are purely based on religious beliefs, NOT scientific facts.

We’re supposed to have a separation of church and state, so keep your church out of the state’s laws. I don’t want to hear any more about God, or faith, or “Christian love,” which seems like a whole lot of hate sometimes, in discussions about legal proceedings. If you think something is a sin, don’t do it. You hate someone or something? Keep it to yourself.


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