There is hope?

To quote Keanu Reeves: Whoa!

I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past couple of days’ decisions made by the Supreme Court. Three HUGE decisions were made: fair housing, affordable health care, and, of course, marriage equality. Suddenly, there is a small glimmer of some kind of light, could it be hope for the future? We’ll see. These three decisions finally affirm that sometimes people win. That basic humanity can trump corporate greed. (Sorry about that verb.)

I am so happy that so many of my friends and relatives will now have their marriages recognized wherever they may travel or settle in this country. I am so happy that millions of people will keep their government backed health care plans, and that no matter where anyone of any background goes, they can rest assured that they cannot be discriminated against for where they want to live.

Sure, there are still haters out there who want to try and overturn these decisions. I wish them luck. Not to succeed — certainly not! — but to find some way of living in a country where love wins and money/bigotry/hatred loses. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., once quoted an old spiritual in his speeches: “We shall overcome.” With all the hard work so many people of so many different races, creeds, sexual identifications, genders, philosophies, educations, and anything else we may use to actually divide people into groups, with all the hard work PEOPLE did to get these ideals to become realities, I think there might just be hope for humanity. It takes us a VERY long time to figure out what is right, but we do get it eventually.

Next up: racism and poverty. Let’s go people. There have been improvements, but there’s still work to be done!


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