What we need to do with anti-science people

This past week, my family and I have been watching the new Cosmos series with Neil DeGrasse Tyson. It’s now on Netflix, so we can watch it at our pace and leisure instead of when it was broadcast and we would have to schedule our lives around it. (I love Netflix!) I have been truly inspired by the content of the series so far and have learned so much about our universe that I did not know we had discovered (Hello, tardigrades?!?!?!?!?!). I love science and continue to read and try to stay on top of the latest discoveries, but there are so many! I love that we can now have an accurate age of the universe, actually locate “goldilocks” planets, and pinpoint the genetic relationship between ourselves and every other living thing on Earth.

Yet, at the same time, the media still has to tell people that there is STILL no connection between vaccines and autism and lawmakers in Ohio are trying to ban the teaching of the scientific method in public schools. What the hell?

The thing about science is that what we discover through experimentation and exploration exists whether anyone believes in it or not: gravity, evolution, photosynthesis, combustion, the speed of light, and so on. You don’t get to choose if these things are “right” or “wrong.” They just ARE. You cannot say you believe the universe is 6500 years old when we have actually seen images from 13.8 BILLION years ago.

But still there are people who do so and they are trying to control us, and, by “us,” I mean all of us in this country. The United States is the only democracy on Earth that continues to have major political movements to deny science. Even the Vatican has its own observatory and admits that the universe is far more than 6500 years old and it’s the center of the Catholic religion! There are nay-sayers all over this country that deny evolution but embrace antibiotics. There are anti-vaccine advocates, led by a former Playboy centerfold, out there who claim vaccines create autism yet they themselves were vaccinated at birth and do NOT have autism. There are lawmakers out there that want to ban the scientific method — the basic questioning of all things that aren’t proven by evidence — yet they use everything in the modern world that wouldn’t exist without the scientific method, probably including some of them (those that are a product of C-section or IVF, for example).

So, here is what I propose: let’s root out all these people, take away everything from them that science has produced, and then let them go free to live how “God intended.” I tired of idiots ruling the airwaves and swaying people against progress. And this is very simple to do. You just take EVERYTHING away from these people — clothing, houses, money, machines — hand them a medium sized rock, and tell them to enjoy the rest of their lives. We wouldn’t even have basic tools like knives without the scientific method. We wouldn’t have anything without experimentation. The rock is just me being nice. Somewhere back in the dawn of the human species, some protohuman had to try killing something with a rock rather than its hands or teeth, which would be EXPERIMENTATION.

One last thing: the media as a whole has to stop giving credence to these uneducated morons. Stop asking scientists about the scientific opinions of real estate moguls like Donald Trump. Stop following a poorly educated former Playmate of the Year on the ridiculous fight against vaccines. Stop giving credence to every celebrity talking head who has a cooky idea that has nothing to do with science and refutes basic science and understanding. ENOUGH! These people need to fade into obscurity. I don’t care if it’s entertaining to hear Donald Trump rave about something he knows nothing about — where the president was born, how we should handle Ebola, what is a moral decision — it’s not worth the damage to our society and culture. Not to mention, the rest of the world just laughs at us.


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