More tests mean more cheaters

I just read Rachel Aviv’s article “Wrong Answer” in The New Yorker magazine that nearly made me cry. It focuses on a middle school in a very poor neighborhood called Pittsburgh just outside Atlanta, GA, where teachers cheated on standardized tests for years in order to just keep the school open under the No Child Left Behind […]

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Pride (In the Name of Love)

A few days ago, my daughter competed in a swim meet where she placed first in the freestyle and the freestyle relay and second in the butterfly for her age group. At the end of the meet, when she had found out all her placements in the races, she couldn’t stop smiling. She had worked […]

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It’s all a matter of focus

Okay, I guess I can’t blog about anything other than education, because that’s all I keep thinking about. Yesterday, I met the supervisor of the English department of the private school that I went to for high school. We talked a lot about differences between our two schools as well as what I’ve been doing specifically […]

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Cheating at the numbers game

A few days ago, a friend sent me a link on Facebook to a photo of a woman who had been a public school English teacher who wrote about how she found it impossible to assign grades to pieces of writing, particularly creative writing, done by her students. I completely agree with her. I have always […]

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A New Beginning

This is the start of a new blog with an old name. I moved it here not only for technological reasons (this site can be viewed on any kind of device), but also for the sake of branching out to encompass all things, not just education. I felt like I was getting repetitive with all my […]

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