It’s been a long time.

If you are reading this, thank you. This site has basically been dead for over a year, and, now, I’m back hoping someone will still read this blog. I’ve been gone because I found myself writing one angry screed after another. It just wasn’t healthy for me.  So, I have returned with a different agenda. […]

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Suicide is NOT painless

The theme song to the film and then TV show M.A.S.H. was called “Suicide is Painless,” which was written by Michael Altman, the son of the director of the film, Robert Altman. The last verse before the final chorus reads: “The sword of time will pierce our skin It doesn’t hurt when it begins But […]

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“A bit of a bonus?”

So, this past week, the President of the United States suggested that teachers receive “a bit of a bonus” to carry a gun in school and that 40% of all teachers would receive this benefit, as reported in The New York Times. This would be a flat bonus of $1000, which, of course, is about […]

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Student Apathy

Very little gets students excited these days, academically speaking. Sure they get excited about certain things outside of school that interest them, but the sheer joy of learning seems foreign to them. They just seem to go to school because they have to and no other reason. School is something to “get through,” to “overcome.” […]

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Sticks and stones…

“Words, words, words.” — Hamlet When I was growing up, my parents always used to say to me when I felt bad because of something someone said to me that it’s just words. If you don’t pay attention to them, they can’t hurt you. But then there’s Nietzsche: “All I need is a sheet of […]

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